Which wireless phone systems work well with the Telo?

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Re: Which wireless phone systems work well with the Telo?

Post by richalger » Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:28 am

Just as a follow up, we bought the Uniden DECT1480 with 5 handsets. Here (http://www.uniden.com/products/productd ... -5C&page=2) is a link to what looks what we got except for the color. Here (http://www.uniden.com/pdf/DECT1480-2om.pdf) is the manual that came with it. It was a good deal from Costco but it looks like it is no longer offered.

I like it a lot. I am not sure if it is helping with our WiFi. We did have some 5+ year old 5.8 Mhz phones. It said that the old phone might be interfering with our WiFi. I don't have the Telo hooked into our home wiring because I don't have a jack where our Internet comes in. I get great reception throughout our house. We had problems with reception with our old phones.

It works great for conference calls. That was an issue with our old handsets. Both could not be on the call at the same time. It just works with the 1480. It says it does conference calls on up to 3 handsets at a time. I have only used the 2 usually when 2 people answer a near the same time.

I really like the intercom feature. If only as a way to find handset that someone forgot to put back in the cradle.

The only thing I do not like is that you can only access caller id on it from one handset at a time. If someone else in the house answers the phone first you only have a 1-2 seconds to be able to see who it was on another handset. After that it won't display the caller ID. It is kind of annoying. It has the same limitation with the contact list, only one handset at a time. But not nearly the same annoyance.

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