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#3443 by BCNeuman
Tue Feb 24, 2009 1:19 pm
Right now, as with all other phone choices, one can set the default action to either send caller ID information or block it, and this default can be overridden with a *82 or *67 to force a choice for an individual call.

How about an option to add a list of numbers (in the Ooma Lounge) for which caller ID will be blocked or unblocked (plus of course the default setting for all other numbers). Then when you make a call, if the call is in your list, the correct choice is made automatically, and all other numbers get the correct default setting as well.

Of course, *82 or *67 should still override the setting for an individual call.

The page in the Ooma lounge could look like this:

Display or block caller ID on outbound calls to the following numbers:

Code: Select allNumber                   Send ID   Block ID
310-555-1212               x           O
212-555-1234               x           O

All Other Numbers          O           x

You may override settings for an individual call by dialing *67 or *82.

Warning: Caller ID is always provided to the recipient of toll free calls and 911 calls.

This would be very useful because my main reason for blocking outbound caller ID is that I don't want to give out my phone number to everyone I call, but if I am calling someone that has my number, I would like them to know who is calling. This is especially the case if I am calling someone that has anonymous call rejection, who I don't mind giving my number.

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