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#53560 by bw1
Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:48 pm
jwbaynham wrote:Hello,
I just purchased an ooma Telo yesterday and I just wanted to ask a few questions about the Telo handset I purchased with it. It's not my intention to slam a product or to troll these message boards, but I do have a few concerns that I hope will be addressed in order to assure ooma's sucess in the market. ooma please take my comments as constructive criticism and please try to make some changes to this handset.

First and foremost what happened to the phone that is in the picture on the box? Obviously some engineering visionary designed a very sleek and modern phone and it looks like a very attractive design. Instead the actual product has a terrible blue screen and a sharp non-rounded edge. The buttons don't match the picture and it's lacking the beautiful contrasting screen with the black background. I'm honestly curious as to where the phone in the picture went? Did ooma ever release that phone and can I get one of those instead? Admittedly the one they actually released seems to work fine, but I have serious reservations about dealing with a company that would put a picture of a product on their box and on their website and then put something completely different inside the box? I don't often use the word "false advertising" but I recommend that ooma update their photos as I would hate to see the company suffer for what is obviously somebody's attempt at saving money on making these handsets.

Second let's talk about the engineering of the phone you actually released. I don't mean software wise, that can be changed at any time. I'm talking about the physical design of the phone. People want a handset that is comfortable. I would like to see a rounded design with a rubberized back so it won't slide off your shoulder while your talking, not a sharp edge that hurts my hand over time and a slick thin plastic back that feels like it may slip off my shoulder and shatter. Also, a screen that's easily readable and a menu that is easy to read and navigate. You were spot on with that picture on the box you should definitely use that. I notice that You went out of your way to include not a single letter of text on your Telo base unit, yet your menu on your handset uses a hard to read screen with terrible system font. Please look into redesigning this using Icons to navigate along with text if neccessary. Again refer to the picture on your box. You have the ooma logo above the writing and it looks right.

I hope some of these thoughts will be helpful, I sincerely want to see your company do well. In the meantime is there any way to unlink my current Telo handset from my base unit so I can return it to Best Buy, or am I stuck with it?

If you don't mind comments and answers from just an Ooma user -

Your comments are pretty consistent to what many of us here have already expressed. Some have also made the false advertising claim. I haven't seen any specific answers from Ooma. It seems likely that this could be attributed to a Dilbert moment - engineering and marketing not on the same page.

There is no other "better" handset - the one you have is the only one available. Perhaps that will change someday in the future, but that's just speculation. I recall reading that the production release was supposed to have a rounded edge, but apparently still made it through production with the sharp edge.

There should be no reason to un-register your handset in order to return it. I'm not sure of the current status of un-registering using a factory reset. However, there would be no effect to your Telo if there is a registered handset that's not in range.

BTW, I find the handsets to be reasonably functional with the latest firmware. The range and battery life are decent, not quite what I get from my Panasonic handsets. They also give access to several Premier features, like send to voicemail and call screening that are useful. Also, the instant second line comes in handy once in a while. Plus they now have access to your contacts.
#53622 by Soundjudgment
Thu Apr 22, 2010 1:11 pm
Please never forget: Ooma =/= Panasonic, Uniden or even $ony.

Ooma didn't make or mass-produce any of their own hardware equipment. I am sure they are constantly in touch with the actual 'design team' in China (read the box) with similar concerns about quality-control as you would expect them to be. Rest assured Ooma is fighting for us (the end-customer), and it is also their @ss on the line if something is not up to spec. You can vote with your wallet, but I for one am willing to forgive than to wait for someone else to re-invent things.
#53681 by jwbaynham
Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:23 am
Well, had I never seen the picture on the box I probably would either be content with the current handset or more likely I would have chosen to go with a normal cordless phone. The real issue here isn't the handset itself but the viability of the decision making that the handset represents.

My main concern is that they're advertising one thing while delivering another thing in a business model where their entire viability depends on a steep upfront investment. From a business standpoint they would do better to correct the pictures on the web page and the box so at least people didn't feel short changed by their purchase and be more willing to give the company a fair shot. As it is, I think the first reaction everyone has to seeing the actual handset when they open the box is along the lines of "Well this isn't right". That just isn't the type of first impression that a company like ooma wants to make or can afford to make with this business model.

My comments are made in the hopes that ooma will correct either the design of the handset OR the advertising/pricing of the handset. Most customers would probably be willing to make the upfront investment and give the company a shot if they think ooma is making smart decisions and will be around for awhile. This handset just doesn't instill confidence in me at all.
#53753 by sleepintill2
Fri Apr 23, 2010 10:42 pm
bw1 wrote:I recall reading that the production release was supposed to have a rounded edge, but apparently still made it through production with the sharp edge.

The sharp edge was biggest problem I had with the hand set, it felt like it was cutting my ear. I fixed this by taking some fine sandpaper and very carefully rounding off the edge around the top. Problem Solved! No longer bothers my ear.

The rubberized back suggested above would be a nice modification. :idea: Some company could probably make a few bucks making an inexpensive silicone/rubber cover for the Telo handset similar to the way make them for cellphones.

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