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#53085 by Cowboy11044
Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:13 am
:idea: Now that the latest software update allowed me to transfer my contacts from my Ooma web account to my Telo handset (yea!), I find that trying to go to someone in particular is difficult because I'm required to scroll through the whole list to find the one person I want to call. Would it be possible in a future software update to do what most cell phone and landline digital phones do with their address books--use the key pad to punch in the first letter of the contact's name and it automatically scrolls to the contacts starting with that letter. In other words, if I want to call "Keith" I would press the 5 key twice and it would go to all those contacts beginning with the letter "K." I tried that, but the Telo handset is configured to think of those only as numbers, so it punched in a "55" in the foregoing example.

Thanks for your consideration.
#53097 by Cowboy11044
Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:40 am
Bobby B wrote:When you're viewing the contact list on the handset and press a number on the keypad, does the "Address Book:" text on the top change to "Search:"?

Yes, Bobby, it does, but not to an alpha search. For instance, if I press the 5 key, it changes to "Search: 5" and moves to the 5th entry in my contact list. For me, that's someone whose name begins with a "B."
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#53102 by bw1
Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:07 pm
If you enter a 5 it should display at the top "Search: 5" and should display those entries that have a 5 in the number, or the letters J, K or L in the name. I don't know the exact algorithm but it mostly works for me when I enter a string of numbers to search it displays based on the first or last name or one of the phone numbers for that string of numbers or letters. Obviously, it could match quite a few entries with that combination, but the more values you enter the more it refines to what you're looking for.
#53104 by Groundhound
Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:22 pm
I find that I must get at least two digits in before I get an accurate name-sort list. For example, I have only one person in my list who's name begins with an R (Ray), but when I press 7 the list does not accurately return only names with p,q,r,s - instead the first name at that point is one beginning with a B but has a 7 as the first digit in the phone number. When I hit 2 as the second digit the name list is sorted correctly, with a name beginning with "Pa" first and the name beginning with "Ra" second. So I would say that the first digit entered sorts by number, and when you enter a second digit it then begins to sort by name. Once I enter 9 as the third digit, Ray is the only name on the list.

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