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#49097 by elliott353
Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:14 pm
I have recently become a Ooma Telo user and was intrigued by the concept of a second line available with the Premier service. I called several times to try to understand if it was actually possible to have the 2 lines go from the Telo phone jack to my whole-house wall jack to distribute 2 dedicated lines and after quite a bit of obfuscation and being put on hold I was told that if I purchased the Telo handset to use with the Premier service it would be possible. So instead of buying a $50 handset on a waning premier service trial, I chose to pay for the Premier service and opt for the free handset. Of course, as I suspected, there was no change in the capability of the Telo. When I plugged the Telo into my whole house wall jack after unplugging Verizon I still got only one line as I did before I got the handset. What no one was willing to say was that there is no way to make two actual lines from two virtual lines. (BTW these are not ported lines - my numbers were not portable.) Now I have a service and handset I don't need, and Ooma is balking at a refund. The trouble is the corporate culture of not saying anything can't be done. Honesty might have gotten me to buy a second Telo now that I'm stuck with the first one past the return date. I also now understand that the old Ooma hub & scout could do this whereas the improved Telo cannot. This brings me to the final realization regarding the Ooma corporate culture: Support, support, support - but don't give up any money. I'll probably still get a second Telo unit since I pay Verizon about $1200/yr. -- but this corporate concern for money over satisfaction has me worried about the strength of the company. There's still a small chance I'll get a refund for the Premier service so I'll hold out hope for a positve outcome for a few more days.
#49099 by southsound
Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:30 pm
As a fellow user, I'm sorry that there was some confusion about the capabilities of the Telo regarding two lines. It is indeed of having two separate numbers - one ringing the Telo base (and all of your connected phones) and the second either as a virtual number or as a dedicated number to the Telo handset. The key here is that you only get one line unless you subscribe to Premier service. I have a 5-handset Uniden DECT 6 set on the Telo PHONE port. It works with number 360 XXX X080. My handset rings only with 360 XXX 3344. That number is for a non-profit I am associated with. If I call out on the handset, it displays the non-profit number as caller ID. If I call out on the connected Uniden handsets, the call displays the X080 number. I can be on the Telo handset while my wife is on the Uniden handsets. Again, this is just one of the possibililties. I have the handset as a personal device. I could also share everything and answer either call from anywhere - even assigning custom rings (actually, I'm doing some testing this week so I've temporarily changed to that configuration).

More than one line requires Premier, but it also gives you some neat features that for me are worth the cost. Rereading your post, I see that you already have the Premier option. All you need to do is make your Telo handset a personal device. We can walk you through that easily.

Of course, you could do what you also suggested and have two Telo's and use the output from one PHONE jack supply line 1 and the output from the other supply line 2. It is very easy to have two Telo's (or a hub and Telo) on one router - even if it is an integrated one like mine.

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