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#48138 by angrysquirrel
Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:53 am
Vonage customer here looking to switch over to ooma. Just dropped $185 on a scout and hub. Today I try to send my first fax with ooma. Doesn't go through. I try keyword "fax" in ooma forums. "No suitable topics can be found." I then go to google and search and find something in the ooma forums. Suggestion is to try *99. Worked for one fax. Now I'm going to try dropping my baud rate to 9600.

By the way, it seems search does work because I can search with the work Ooma and find something there..... Just a really bad search program. Maybe I should try support and see what comes up....

I've never had these types of problems with many years of vonage. No quality of service issues. No failed faxes. The last time I tried to get a "better deal" was when I dropped vonage for sunrocket to see if I could save a few bucks. What a mistake that was. Now here I am with ooma fax problems. I tried calling their call center. Waited 10 minutes and then gave up.

I use this thing for work. Time is money. How do people find this worth it? If I wanted unreliable service for on the cheap, I would have kept my Magicjack!
#48139 by murphy
Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:57 am
The fax machine must be connected to the hub. It doesn't work connected to a scout.
The dialing prefix is *99 pause (the same as Vonage).
Set the baud rate to 9600 and turn off ECM (Error Correction Mode).
The hub detects incoming faxes and configures automatically to receive them.
#48140 by southsound
Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:01 pm
The search function on the forum is limited to words at least 4 characters in length. The work around is to open a Google search window and search for "fax" You will find over 200 posts.

Murphy gave good advice that works for most of us. Since this is your first post to the ooma USER forum, I'll not comment too much on the extremely negative tone but will offer a hearty Welcome to ooma and to the forums. Most of us have found that this is a great place to get answers - especially to the unusual situations that may be beyond the customer support knowledgebase.
#48141 by johninc
Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:03 pm
And for some crazy reason, the ooma forum search function needs at least four letters to work. It's easier to use the google site option, i.e., put "fax" in the google search box, without the quotes.

Doh! Late on that one.
#48142 by angrysquirrel
Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:10 pm
Thanks Murphy for your support! Looks like dropping the baud rate to 9600 helped. The fax machine is hooked to the hub. ECM is shut off. Never had to do this stuff with Vonage but if the reliability issue is solved I don't mind a slighly slower fax.

I use a 3rd party service to receive faxes (myfax) so it's really just the send that was my problem. I'll keep my fingers crossed for future success with sending faxes.

And thanks John for the search tip. I never knew how to do a search on google like that.

You guys are making this transition alot more pleasant. :)
#48211 by mthomtech
Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:39 pm
I know everyone's individual experience is different, but I had Vonage for years before switching to Ooma. With Vonage I had good calls, but spotty fax performance. My experience with faxing and Ooma has been much better.
#48217 by southsound
Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:30 pm
johninc wrote:And for some crazy reason, the ooma forum search function needs at least four letters to work. It's easier to use the google site option, i.e., put "fax" in the google search box, without the quotes.

Doh! Late on that one.

Not too late - in fact, since your post came after mine, you're the one who got credit from the OP. Good thing I'm not here for fan appreciation. :P
#48450 by oomg
Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:31 pm
IMHO, with the ability to attach a document to an email in PDF format, a fax machine is almost obsolete. However, there are occasions when I must use a fax to send or receive documents.

So, I use the OneSuite efax system. As little as $1.00 per month for unlimited incoming to one email address. If you think you need more, go for their $2.95 per month deal. Unlimited incoming faxes to as many as 5 email addresses, plus outgoing at 2.5 cents per page. Upon delivery of the fax, a copy with delivery confirmation is returned to your designated emal. You will need a scanner as outgoing copies use a pdf file to attach to the cover page. Very easy to use, and inexpensive as well.

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