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#46981 by amoney
Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:33 pm
So how about it, I realize most will blow by the immediate solutions, but there should be some stickies to the tune of common issues.

The obnoxious Ooma connection tone is one!

Alarm systems

Fax machines

Routers with offending firewalls

Known CWCID issues with some handsets


Anyone else feel free to make suggestions.
#47001 by DTMF
Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:56 pm
Your list of suggested sticky threads is baffling. Why on earth would Ooma want to highlight problems with or flaws in its service by putting them at the top of each section of the forum? That'd be like using an advertising slogan that says "We're flawed, but you should use us!" :?

IMO, Ooma should save the stickies for discussion of new features when they roll out or for collecting user tips to use/connect/troubleshoot. Let the stickies push the issues down the list, not place them front and center. The hardy 7,000 of us in the forum should be encouraging more customers to join us in using this provider, not scaring them away. Economies of scale from that growth will make it easier for Ooma to provide new features and ultimately sustain the low-cost business model. ;)
#47059 by amoney
Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:45 pm
Well I did not intend forum stickies to be entirely about broken stuff, thats already available by looking at the front page.

My reasoning was more for solutions, yes there is a FAQ, but thats over here, and people come here and ask the same question over and over. I even hinted that there will be thosethat will even blow by the sticky thread.

Reminder, there really is NO real user manual.

As I suggested, the Ooma connection tone, people ask this question just about every week, or other issues becuase of the Ooma connection tone, so if Ooma heads off the problem ahead of time or as soon as possible the user in the end gets a better experience.

Alarm panales and Fax machines, again put a sticky so the user is not pain stakingly trying to find solutions, instead having one thread will obviously facilatate the best possible chance the user can find an answer.

Routers and Firwalls, really do I need to explain this one, its not Ooma's fault but helping user spot a KNOWN issue with certain equipment will greatly expedite a solution to a users installation grief. Again this is not even Ooma's fault but I would hope Ooma would want to help its users, obviously customer support is not adaquate.

About known issues such as CWCID, again you going to piss users off more not owning up to a issue, rather being more communicative with its users gives a more positive face on the issue that somehing is being done (time frame is another can of worms).

This is the first forum where I have not seen the use of forum stickies.

Conversly your suggestion confuses me. You said posting stickies about broken features is a no no, yet you recommend posting about the same new features that are broken.

AKA Contact list

AKA Intercom

not to mention others past and present, talk about egg on Oomas face.

Lastly I really dont need to hear about upcoming features, and I wouold assume all the others users that come here for the simple reason that somehting is not working dont either. A forum is suppose to provide solutions. New features, that is a sub forum all unto itself.

This fourm as previously suggested by others, should be divided better, sub forum for Telo and HUB users etc.

There is room for improvement.

Anyways, I will move along.
#47089 by DTMF
Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:37 pm
amoney wrote:Conversly your suggestion confuses me. You said posting stickies about broken features is a no no, yet you recommend posting about the same new features that are broken.
Touche' :D

What I now acknowledge I didn't explain very well is that I suggest stickying a single thread of tips and solutions, to aggregate fixes to user-end issues (as opposed to Ooma network issues) and make them more prominent. That would create the same "Don't post about issue X until you've tried Solution Y scenario that you seem to be seeking. :cool:

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