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#44283 by rapidnash
Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:33 pm
I bought an Ooma Telo and had a lot of trouble hooking it up. I contacted technical support numerous times and got a different answer each time. My trouble was the lights on the bottom of the Telo were blinking left to right. The support team did agree on that it was trying to update. One tech support person had me try and put my router into Transparent Bridged mode because of what was on the forums page. That did not work, bad Idea. I have a GT704WG Actiontec Quest router which I like very much. I tried lots of different options on my router and nothing seemed to work. This last Technician had me log into my Telo by typing which I did and found the setup page. I did this step because of returning my other Telo and getting a new Telo. I needed to transfer the phone number which takes a couple of days. Now I know there was nothing wrong with the old Telo. None of the technicians could help me get the old Telo from updating, they said give it 20 minutes but it would never stop flashing. The new Telo started doing the same thing so I went back into the set up page and looked around. Under the network tab, I decided to put in my password and login name for the router from the service provider Quest (DSL) into the Telo setup page. After I did that, I clicked on update. My Telo started communicating with the router and started working. It works great now.

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