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#43903 by alancommike
Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:54 am
It's like most consumer electronics items. The new shiny one is always better. :)

Ooma's system is split between back-end server infrastructure (and the web front-end - "my ooma") and on premises device (Hub/Telo), so most of what they do on the back-end will end up on Hub, Telo, and future products. Like any company, they need to balance engineering resources between new product, existing product on the market, and product that is going end-of-life in the sales channel. If you were running the company, where would you put resources? So, to answer your question, orphaned no (or at least, probably not, I don't *really* know), reduced engineer effort, yes.

As many of said here, the Hub works well and does what it's supposed to, so it's not like they're taking anything away. It's in Ooma's best interest to come up with new models that are even shinier making the existing customers want to upgrade. It all goes back to their biz model. Every few years they're going to come out with new hardware that's *so* compelling that they'll get a good chunk of the user base to upgrade - paying for another few years of "free" service. For the best example of the this, look at Apple.

Ok, slightly off topic.... I can't resist, just thought of this. If you haven't seen the Onion Macbook Wheel spoof, it's hilarious:

#43916 by amoney
Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:03 pm
Planned obsolescence.

Though I think Ooma has alot on its plate that it needs to resolve before adventuring out with new features.
#43951 by lohertz
Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:45 pm
I remember that GV and other features like "HD" voice were something announced long before the telo. As for orphaned, I don't think so, but they probably don't manufacture any more.

I recall an Bobby talking about the proprietary hardware/component used in the hub. This is most likely the reason for moving forward with a "different" hardware setup. Could be a phase out process, but for the folks who purchased the hubs, and if they last a really long time, ooma would support it


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