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#43340 by KenAF
Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:17 am
Most mobile providers allow customers to forward unanswered calls to an alternative voicemail service at no charge. Google Voice and Youmail both provide this service; Google Voice makes it easy for users to enable this feature with a menu option in user settings.

I would like Ooma to offer the same feature. I would like Ooma to allow forwarding of unanswered calls from other numbers (i.e. mobile numbers) to the Ooma voicemail box. I would like a simple menu option to enable the feature, just as Google Voice offers today.

The workaround below can accomplish this now, but is not ideal as it uses mobile minutes.
bw1 wrote:Setup Ooma Anonymous Call Block to go to voicemail.
Configure your cell phone to call forward no answer to your Ooma number with *67 prefix.
Then calls to your cell phone that are not answered (or when it's busy) should forward directly to your Ooma voicemail.

Here is info for Verizon no answer/busy transfer: ... nsfer.html
#43389 by bw1
Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:22 pm
Maybe I wasn't clear in the other thread, but if you set up Youmail or Google Voice as a replacement for your cell phone voicemail, it will use your cell phone minutes.

There is no way around that unless you set the number that you're calling into one of your free to call favorite numbers that cell phone companies offer.

Although Sprint is supposed to allow free call forwarding:

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