Short time Ooma customer who is impressed

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Short time Ooma customer who is impressed

Post by Falcon » Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:10 am

I'm quite impressed with the current and potential features which Ooma could support. Reminds me of the saying that virtually anything is possible with a computer. Ooma seems to be one of the most innovative products I've seen in awhile. I definitely look forward to all the features that Ooma and its customer base will develop in the months to come!

The thought of being able to take my Ooma with me on a trip, connect it to a sufficient ISP connection and have my home phone, with all its bells and whistles along with me is simply cool!
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Re: Short time Ooma customer who is impressed

Post by marklib » Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:20 am

I have to say that now that I have been using ooma for a month I almost feel silly about some negative comments I made on these boards early in my experience. That is not to say there were no issues that needed resolving, there were, but all in all now that everytrhing has been running smoothly for 5 weeks I am quite impressed with my ooma system and have recommended it to friends.
Thank you to the all people on this forum that seem to be one step ahead all the time.

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Re: Short time Ooma customer who is impressed

Post by av8rdude » Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:12 am

I have had ooma for about 3 weeks and I couldn't be more satisfied!

It was a little confusing for me to figure out the installation with my security system, tivos, fax, etc. But after experimenting a little it all works great with 2 scouts.

I've been recommending ooma to everyone I talk to!

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Re: Short time Ooma customer who is impressed

Post by frenchcamp49er » Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:20 pm

I like it very much, I expected to be disappointed but ooma proved me wrong. I've already started the porting process, so I'll be bill free soon.
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Re: Short time Ooma customer who is impressed

Post by songjc » Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:54 pm


Why not buy 2 more ooma hubs rather than 2 scouts (no need to buy premier account)? Can you run 3 ooma hubs through 1 ISP link? How did you resolve security system? Try to call ooma service and no luck connecting with tech.

Let me know
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Re: Short time Ooma customer who is impressed

Post by GonzoFam » Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:23 pm

My only comaplint so far is that I have a question about porting. and I have been waiting on hold for almost an hour with a stupid voice saying my overall wait time is under 2 mins.


other than that I am fine

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