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#42040 by aviateur
Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:56 pm
Call Logs
Check your calling history online; filter and sort to find the call you are looking for.

Description: The call logs page shows incoming, outgoing and missed calls. You may filter by call type or called number by selecting or de-selecting the controls on the left and clicking "update". You may also sort by any column by clicking on the column heading. Call logs are kept for 60 days.

Beta Caveats:
- Call logs do not show international calls
- Calls are only logged when your ooma Hub is online

Bobby B

Feature Request since logs are only kept for 60 days = logs monthly archiving in CSV, EXCEL or over format we can import to a spreadsheet

Is this 60 days based on a FIFO system?

Since the logs are only kept for 60 days, can you please provide a new feature to archive them?
I would hate to see them gone without having a possibility to save them (export) and since I might export from time to time but the export is a all or nothing (no date range) I will have to keep exporting every month and sort the duplicate from the Excel export.
It would be nice to provide a feature that would automatically archive the logs on a monthly basis like cell phone company do.
For billing purposes too, I have no recourse to get call logs once the 60 days is gone.
Can you please provide a log archiving solution so that we can get access to our log in case of a billing dispute (essentials for international call, since domestic calls are free it probably wont be too much of an issue if you loose them

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