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#43498 by amoney
Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:51 am
The Talker wrote:
amoney wrote:Panasonic.

Does your Panasonic caller ID announce the name or number? Can you set it to announce either or both?

I am a bit unhappy with what I bought as it announces the name and I haven't found an option to have it announce the number. I prefer to have the number announced.


You can turn it off.

Not sure if this is a work around or option for you, but if caller ID with name is disabled (only number is shown), I do know that when I received a call that did not have CNAM info, just the number, that my older Panasonic handsets did just spell out the number. Cant confirm my newer Panasonic set as I have not payed attention.

Although neat to hear the number, i think by the time your process what number is calling you the call will have gone to mail, unless you set a longer duration before the message kicks in.

You should be able to turn yours off. I know when we first got the talking ID it took ALOT of getting use to the pronunciations. But afterwards we cant live with out it. Another feature I use to also ID the call is ringer ID, where we can set a specific ring tone to a caller. My older panasonic set allows you to record your own. My newer sets dont so ring tones are limited to 7 kinds.

The new Panasonic screens are nicer (than the older amber lcd), but the older Panasonic had lots more features. Cant win.
#43676 by DTMF
Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:49 pm
I have a Nortel brand business phone plugged into my Ooma that has a Call Announce feature. On this phone, you can record tags for frequent numbers or it will announce the number of a caller that it doesn't have a tag for.
#44716 by bobc
Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:56 am
panasonic sells the phone with talking caller Id mine works great, go buy the phone if you want talking caller ID

#74034 by rlanza1054
Mon Jan 31, 2011 1:16 am
Hi all,

I'm new to Ooma and still setting up everything for 2 lines.

I wrote a rather long message and accidentally lost it, so because it's late now and I'm tired, I have to re-write my question but make it only a sentence or two.

I have a Panasonic Talking Caller ID Cordless/Answering Machine system.

It's very good! I also have a couple of stand-alone talking caller id boxes.

My issue is that my PHONE port is going to be used as my FAX line (it's the only option left, without having to purchase two boxes) and my main home phone number is forced to be on the Ooma Telco Handsets.

The handsets that don't provide a headset jack! Which I just discovered today reading these forums! So yesterday! I will be using the Bluetooth adapter but I have a distance issue because my apartment is in an all cement building, so my walls are cement between rooms. (Post War Building, very sound proof, not great for wireless systems).

So Bluetooth is going to be problematic at best!

Sorry got a little on a different topic!

Because I have to use Ooma Telco Handsets, these handsets don't provide a basic 'talking caller id'! Why they don't include these basic features, is beyond me. The Panasonic system came with 4 wireless handsets, a base unit that can be used as a speakerphone with a dial pad on it, and the answering system. All for about $120! Cheap! Available in Costco!

Why did they leave out these features!

Why did they leave out the ability to answer calls from the base unit, which I have near my front door. If I get a phone call while I'm running out the door, I now can answer my phone from my Panasonic base and not have to search around for a handset.

The Ooma Telco base unit has the speaker so you can listen to your voice-mails, but not felt it was not necessary to add the extra circuitry and a microphone to give it the ability to be a fully working speakerphone. I don't care that it doesn't have the dial pad. But a speakerphone at the base should have been included.

Ooma, needs to rework the base unit and come out with a feature rich base unit and updated handsets!

There are just to many features left out to make this system be really impressive for a lot of customers!

I have decided to give up all my features because of the money savings, but in reality, I will have to re-purchase new hardware should Ooma decide to put in what they left out, on the first go around of the new re-vamped hardware!


PS Get the 2 line stuff taken care of, just too many people are asking for this! They don't want to have to purchase two units to get the functionality. Not because of the doubling your costs, but because it's real stupid to have two boxes next to each other on a counter! Just stupid! The re-design of the Ooma system to this new Telo was really not a well thought out stratery, considering you had the option (sort of) using the Scout and Hub system.
#74258 by whistlewicket
Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:31 pm
Rob, did you get a resolution to your situation? I too have a Panasonic system operating under Ooma with voice announcing, etc. I have a second phone line set aside by Ooma for my fax line but am now confused by the need for a telo handset for the second line. Is it for something other than talking because I certainly don't need voice for a fax line?
#85412 by rlanza1054
Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:19 am
Yeah, but really, it should be on the Ooma Headset, I should not have to purchase a separate unit for this.

And the seperate units, means it has to work with the external port only. What if you had two lines one on the Ooma headset and the other on the external port. If the phone rang the Ooma handset you would not get the talking caller id to work.

#136578 by pamelaantonacci
Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:47 am
yes this should really be a feature of the HD2 handsets... as much as I like the picture caller ID, Im never close enough to the phone to see it.. I would love to be able to hear the call being announced like my Panasonic phones used to do =)

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