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#40509 by hwinston
Wed Jan 06, 2010 5:12 pm
I want to be able to see the connection/status of my ooma device from the "My ooma" website. The idea is to be able to find out if my ooma is still working from remote.

The information I would like to get is connection status and (time stamp for first connection date/time or last connection date/time if connection is lost). Simple message like "connected since hh:mm:ss mm:dd:yyyy" or "disconnected since hh:mm:ss mm:dd:yyyy" would do. Maybe this should be in the Account>System tab?

The update shouldn't be frequent at all so the extra overhead should be small.

I think this feature would help me find out if my ISP would have interruptions during the day without me knowing it.
Yes, I could simply call my own ooma and see if the voice mail comes on, but then how do I know it actually ring?


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