Call logs should include blocked calls

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Call logs should include blocked calls

Post by hwinston » Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:45 pm

I have been using the ooma hub for a few weeks and everything seem to be fine. Actually I had my number ported in about 2 weeks which is pretty fast considering the holiday days.

The Call Logs section in the "my Ooma" area should really include blocked calls. And I think the blocked calls should be a separate category besides the missed calls, incoming calls and outgoing calls.

Why do I want this? What is the usage model?
1) It would help debug problems. At the present time, if a caller is blocked by either the community list or personal list, there is no way to tell exactly who called and blocked. I checked the community block list option for now, but how would I know that my aunt called from Portland isn't on the "list" and always get block?
2) It would enhance the Call Logs as the legal records.

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