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#180 by johnboy
Fri May 30, 2008 1:08 pm
Josh indicated he would like to see this...

I have an 'unassigned' scout. I have a second set of phones plugged into the scout to give me 8 total (4 portables on each). So it functions with the hub. If I am on a call on my main line and a second call comes in, I get the call waiting tone. But the most difficult part is that the SCOUT RINGS 4 of the other phones. So anyone I am talking to hears that I have another call and of course it rings until it goes to voice mail. Pressing the envelope (I think) sends my main call to voice mail and I have 'instinctively' done this more than once. I wish I could have pressed the envelope and sent the SECOND caller to voice mail. But really... would love to have a scout for the remote functionality but not the RING when a second call comes in. If you could consider this in the next software revision - a way to turn that on and off, that would be great. Of course, the call waiting tone is good - but that doesn't disturb the call or caller on the first call. The ring from the second is just annoying for me and my first caller.


#182 by johnboy
Fri May 30, 2008 1:22 pm
I was so hoping to use my scout and second phone line to feed my fax machine and save another $20 a month on a phone line. Using the hub to send and receive faxes on my main line, I was getting 90%+ fax reliability (more than good enough for home use). So with my new scout and newly assigned number ringing perfectly on only the scout, I wired it to the fax and it doesn't work. Josh advises that the signaling of the scout from the hub causes loss of the fax signal. You can't fax to or from a scout.

One answer we discussed was hooking a second HUB in series (i.e. internet - hub 1 - hub 2 - router) and use the second hub to feed the fax. This would likely provide the same 90% reliability... but the cost of the hub (even considering returning the scout for a full refund) doesn't make sense to save $20 a month.

So... I don't know if this is possible and I don't want to mention the other company who has both fax and voice on voip in a fairly reliable manner... (it rhymes with Moanage), but if you could look into this fax / scout use and find a way to do it with a software release, it would be a bonus for me.

I love my OOMA!

#190 by Dennis P
Fri May 30, 2008 11:50 pm
To address a couple of issues you raised which aren't being covered by the other thread on this topic:

- we plan to offer the option to disable Enhanced Call Waiting (ECW) in the future. Disabling ECW will prevent your other phones from ringing when you are already on a call and receive a second call.

- if you are already on a call and receive a second call, pressing the Send-to-Voicemail (envelope) button should send the second call the voicemail. I tested it earlier today and it did not appear to work correctly. We'll look into it.

Hmmm, we should probably have a forum for bug reports...
#194 by johnboy
Sat May 31, 2008 4:12 am
thanks for looking into all of this Dennis. Sometimes I feel like a pain in the butt to you (probably), but since we are all 'early adopters' we all have an interest in having OOMA work EXCEPTIONALLY.

As long as you don't get exhasperated and say (outloud) "It's that John guy again" I will keep helping and promoting OOMA. Please let us all know about these other issues and thank you for addressing them here.
#213 by Dennis P
Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:20 am
No problem John. By the way, I looked into the Send-to-Voicemail feature problem I described earlier. It turns out it is working properly (there was a flaw in my testing). So if you are on a call and receive a second call, pressing the send-to-voicemail button will divert the second call, not the call that you were originally on.

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