Ooma and My Alarm System

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Ooma and My Alarm System

Post by The Picard » Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:56 pm

I decided to make the jump to Ooma before I really knew whether or not it would work with my monitored alarm system. I was hoping to find an extremely cheap ($10 or so) landline that I could use for the alarm and E911. I couldn't find anything cheap enough so I said goodbye to AT&T and kept my fingers crossed that the alarm would function properly.

My Alarm system is a 13 year old obsolete XL-2 model by FBII(bought out by Honeywell). The monitoring is by Emergency24. The AT&T umbilical was severed just a few days ago and tonight was the first chance I got to configure and test the alarm. I started by doing a minor bit of rewiring in order that the alarm system could continue to seize control of the phone line as it was designed to do. I then altered the system's programming by inserting a 3 second pause between seizing the line and commencing dialing. Keeping my fingers crossed, I called the up Emergency24 and put my alarm on "test." I armed the system and proceeded to trigger several different alarms. Each time I did this the alarm system took control of the phone line and called the monitoring center. I then called Emergency24 back and confirmed that my system had successfully sent the correct alarm codes. There was much rejoicing.

I've read here and on other sites that sometimes an alarm works with VOIP, and other times it doesn't. Hopefully, mine will continue to work properly. I do fully intend on replacing my alarm system with a more up-to-date one but I can't afford to do that just yet. The only alternative would be to discontinue the 24/7 monitoring and simply use it as a local alarm. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

P.S. I did enable the "High Bandwidth Audio Codec" on my Ooma setup page but I don't know if this made any difference or not.
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