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#36049 by sokha
Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:35 pm
hi folks,

just wanna inform potential/new client who wants to go with Ooma.

first, I'm a happy Ooma customer since May 2009.
bought my 2nd Ooma HUB on November 2009.
now, somewhat unhappy with Ooma policy.

here's the deal.
when you registered the Ooma HUB and activated it, the registered name is the name that will be on the outgoing callerID.
so far, so good.
if you realized a spelling error in your names, ooopsss...too late.
you're screwed!!
if you want to make that correction, it will be $12 and can be done with Ooma support.

now here's what i don't understand about Ooma logic.
Ooma gives you us something like X days satisfaction guaranteed.
local retailers give us 30 days return policy.

so, here's my question.
is Ooma rather losing a customer of returning the unit than changing the name spelling error during registration?
#37304 by The Picard
Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:52 pm
While I agree with you that the nice thing to do would be to offer you a free change to your caller ID info, I also think that, if it was me, I'd just accept the fee if they insisted. After all, it was your mistake and not theirs. The problem is that they've farmed out their customer service duties to the Philippines. This means that you're not talking to an actual employee of Ooma who might have a bit of sympathy and cut you a break. Instead, you have a minimum wage call center worker that can not deviate from their script.
#50014 by ktinca
Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:48 pm
So the only way to change the Caller ID name is paying $12? If I knew that it was the registration name, I would have chosen some other name to use.

I cannot change the name on the profile page and it will automatically update?
#50115 by epox123
Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:37 pm
$12 for someone to open a program type in a few letters and hit enter lol what a good deal makes me want to do this 100 times since it's so much hard work.

People usually charge a crap load for stuff they don't want to deal with but really is it that hard to change a customers caller id why don't they just let us change it so it doesn't strain there backs.

This shouldn't cost more then $1 in my opinion.
#50127 by DTMF
Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:41 pm
It was discussed in another forum post that there is a cost to the company to change a record in the Caller ID database. They have to pay the keepers of that database to update a record. On top of that, as you probably guessed when you figured your $1 fee, there is legwork involved on Ooma's part to make it happen. In addition, the FCC (and recently Congress) have begun to take a dim view on Caller ID spoofing. (Thank the pranksters who engage in swatting for that one.) If the fee seems high, it's probably intended as a deterrent to keep customers from repeatedly tweaking their CID record, as a spoofer would do.
#50703 by wildbill
Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:14 pm
I would just like to see my name show and not say "BLACKED NAME" or "PRIVATE NAME"

registered on feb 27th.. ooma?.. whats the hold up on this CID CNAM issue?
#50708 by Davesworld
Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:48 pm
wildbill wrote:I would just like to see my name show and not say "BLACKED NAME" or "PRIVATE NAME"

registered on feb 27th.. ooma?.. whats the hold up on this CID CNAM issue?

The real issue is that many voip providers provide their own cnam and who knows if the name is ever registered with Verisign? The number I ported from Packet 8 shows my name when looked up at which has a try it link lower in the page called "this popup window" but my other Ooma numbers which were always XO Communications numbers show Private. My ported number was originally a Level 3 number and it somehow got registered. You can't test it by calling another Ooma number as it will show the cnam that you registered with in that case.

I believe there is a way to pay 10 dollars and have it registered properly. To be sure CID does not automatically mean CNAM, it just means the other party sees SOMETHING.

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