Post sale customer support sucks

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Post sale customer support sucks

Post by BudW » Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:32 pm

Yesterday I asked ooma to port my telephone number. Cost was stated as $39.95. I paid it. First thing by email was to tell me porting was not available for 3 or more weeks from the time I placed the order. The customer service rep never mentioned this delay or

If we sign up for one year of Premier, then porting a telephone number is FREE.

So I sent an email of my feelings (you can imagine) and asked for the previously ordered porting to be reversed and that customers should be told of time delays and of cost saving offers at the time of order and before payment is made.

I got no reply yet.

So I am unsatisfied. Failure to disclose information timely damages credibility of OOMA. Failure to reply at all damages trust needed from a provided of telephone services provided by OOMA. Failure to credit my account with $39.95 immediately damages trust in ANY OOMA services thus precludes purchase or recommendation of OOMA at all. This directly reduces maximum income from new customers and causes bad mouthing to anyone considering OOMA as a product to replace or compete with alternatives to OOMA.

All in all, OOMA gets once to make a good first impression. With me, it was a bad impression that OOMA created.

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Re: Post sale customer support sucks

Post by ydnar723 » Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:21 am

If you are interested in Premier I am sure you can just call CS instead and simply explain you was not aware of the free port for purchase of premier and ask to sign up but only pay the difference (consider the $39.95 as a partial payment)
Not everyone is perfect, perhaps they thought (which is not always right) based on conversation that you read about Premier and what it offeres on the site or on the box.
Seriously what you experienced can be easily rectified with a suggestion, I have seen a lot worse customer service from other phone companies.

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Re: Post sale customer support sucks

Post by murphy » Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:28 am

Porting is an involved operation involving at least two other companies unless you are porting from a major carrier like Verizon. The current company has to release your number back to the company that owns it (you don't own it). Then Ooma can pick it up from the company that owns the number. Neither of those companies has any incentive to be quick about the transfers. Most work 8-5 Monday through Friday. Three weeks is how long my Transfer from Vonage back to Verizon and then to Ooma took.
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Re: Post sale customer support sucks

Post by byersthja » Sat Nov 21, 2009 5:01 am

Did you ask the CS Rep how long the port takes? It plainly states on the FAQ on the Ooma web sites that it takes up to 3 weeks.

Can I keep my current phone number?

In most cases, yes, Ooma can transfer (port) your existing phone number to Ooma. Normally there is a one-time processing fee of $39.99, but if you sign-up for an annual subscription to Ooma Premier ($119.99/yr), we'll waive the porting fee. To confirm that your number can be transferred, please click here.

Please note that porting typically takes up to three weeks and you must keep your current phone service until the transfer is complete.

And from the Knowledge Base:

The Porting Process

1) When activating your unit at, under Step 2 “Phone Number” you may proceed as follows:

a) If you have a landline (VoIP or traditional), choose to integrate it with your Ooma system and are ready to port, then select “I would like to use the Ooma system with my current phone provider”. If you're not porting choose "I would like to use the Ooma system with my current landline". In both cases be certain to plug your landline into the port labeled WALL on the back of the Ooma hub otherwise it will not go into service.

b) Alternatively, if you choose not to integrate your landline and are ready to port, then select "I would like to use a temporary phone number". Ooma will assign a temporary phone number to your Ooma system until the port is complete. If you're not porting choose “I would like to select a new phone number”.

2) Once your Ooma unit has been activated, you need to login to My Ooma to request a number port (go to the Add-ons tab web page). Per the online instructions, make sure you send back to Ooma the filled out LOA (Letter of Authorization) as the porting process will not start without the signed LOA. Within five business days, Ooma will send you an email confirming receipt of the LOA. Ooma will then submit the porting request to your phone service provider.

3) About three weeks later, Ooma will receive a FOC (Firm Order Confirmation) date from your current phone service provider. This is the day when your number will be actually ported to Ooma from your phone company. Ooma will send an email notifying you of the FOC Date.

4) When the phone number has been ported to your Ooma system, a member of our customer support team will make a test call to your Ooma system. Ooma will send a final email notifying you that the porting process is complete. You can then call your previous service provider to cancel the phone service.

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Re: Post sale customer support sucks

Post by Leeway » Sat Nov 21, 2009 5:26 am

Perhaps customer support does suck BUT, it is not the ooma customer support. It is not ooma that takes such a long time to port, it is the provider that you had not letting go of the number in a shorter time. When ooma can finally get the number from your former carrier it will happen right away.

I had AT&T as my carrier and for such a huge company I was shocked at how slow the inner database work gets done. Even within different divisions of their own company.

I can understand that people purchase Ooma equipment and want to get it hooked up and working asap. But, it doesn't sound like you read the ooma information that is provided with a clear explanation both on the package and on the web pages. They are not trying to surprise you and they are not to blame for the length of time involved. All of that is clearly explained to you and easy to find.

In any case, welcome to Ooma. Visit the boards often, you will find a ton of helpful information right here.


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