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Feature requests

Post by iamhives » Tue Nov 03, 2009 8:41 pm

Call from one Ooma number to another (hub to scout)

Ability to dial into voicemail remotely without having to dial own number (eg travelling internationally and don't want to wake people up at home)

more flexible codec control

Bandwidth options/quality within preferences (vs relying on QOS) - like Vonage has

Option to disable Ooma dialtone

Remove enter '1' to forward

CAller ID in email notifcation

Voicemail screening - play callers message only not my outgoing announcement

Easily disable voicemail

Multiple voicemail boxes per number

'Follow me' forwarding - try numbers in succession based on defined sequence/number of rings

Option to disable message that says to callers leaving a message 'Thankyou for using Ooma Broadband messaging system' (or whatever the exact wording is). Its none of my callers business what phone system i have.

Option to use single power adapter for hub and scout when next to each other (y cable or similar)

Release Google Voice Extensions!

Remote reboot

Easy way in My ooma to tell what number you are logged into - put number in teh header or something so visible on all pages - sometimes i have My Oomma open for both primary and secondary lines and its easy to get lost in which window is which. Better yet, get rid of the multiple account concept (or allow this option) - allow access to setup options for all numbers for an account within one master login
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Re: Feature requests

Post by allo » Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:47 pm

Interesting requests... but at this time, I think what everybody is hoping for is, that OOMA does well what is currently being offered ... and to get its house in order to function satisfactorily... and not to add to some of the existing problems.
By the way, when was it ever possible to request anything from att-verizon and others?

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Re: Feature requests

Post by murphy » Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:34 am

A single power adapter would be expensive since the hub uses 12 volts and the scout uses 5 volts. That's why they have different sized plugs so you can't mix them up.
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