Absence of Audio -> Voicemail too fast

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Absence of Audio -> Voicemail too fast

Post by swisskent » Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:41 am

After my recorded outgoing message is played, if a caller does not speak up quickly, Ooma/Telo sends the call into a message saying something to the effect that this is the Ooma voicemail system & that no message was received.

When I was screening a call:
1. This process happened way too fast. It did not give the caller enough time to start speaking.
2. I would prefer the error message to say something more standard like: "We did not receive your message. Please press <a key> to try again. Or, enter the number of the person you are tying to reach." (to leave a voicemail for someone else on the system).

Thank you!

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