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#27838 by njj100
Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:08 pm
Has anyone forwarded calls or used the multi-ring feature to send calls to a landline telephone number that is a long distance call from the Ooma hub number ? We have the Ooma set up for our home and the last time we spent time at our cottage ( a long distance call) I forwarded the calls to the landline telephone number at our cottage. When I did this with AT&T CallVantage, the calls appeared on my call log and there was no charge for them at all. With Ooma, I do not see the forwarded calls appearing on my call log and Ooma tech support tells me that there may be a charge at the teminating number (our cottage where I have no long distance service). This is a bunch of crap if there is, as all I have to do is take the Ooma hub with me and get calls to my home number on a phone I plug into it.....I do have DSL service there. But I really should not have to take that hub with me and I really don't want to drag it with me either. I have searched the FAQs and the forums and do not see anything giving me an answer to the question. If anyone has used this forwarding or multi-ring feature to forward calls to a long distance number that is a landline, I would appreciate knowing what, if any ,charges you incurred on your landline bill. I am beginning to be very sorry that I wasted my money buying this system.
#27841 by bw1
Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:15 pm
Ooma doesn't charge any termination fee for any call to another phone number within the USA - including Alaska and Hawaii. That includes call forwarding and multi-ring.

However, if the service you're forwarding to charges for incoming calls then you would be charged by that service. Some VoIP service providers have an incoming call charge. There would also be a charge for cell phones by the cell phone service provider.

I suspect if you were to forward/multi-ring to an international number, then you would be charged for those calls by Ooma, assuming you had a pre-paid balance.

Remember, Ooma doesn't send you a phone bill.
#27892 by njj100
Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:11 pm
Well, you would think that the Ooma technical support person would know that as I called them first to ask.....or are you an Ooma representative? I worked for AT&T for 24 years and so I understand telephony. If I forwarded calls from my home number to a number that was a long distance call, the long distance charges would be billed to my home number not the calling party and not the receiving party. When I used this feature with CallVantage, all details of the call appeared on my CallVantage call log. It is not appearing on my OOma call log and I was told by Tech support that is because the call was handed off to the receiving number and that charges could apply at that end. It is a landline and there are not any charges for incoming calls there. I am really afraid to use the feature until I see what charges, if any, are on the phone bill for that location.....unless you are a rep for Ooma and are telling me that you assure me there are none.
#27897 by tommies
Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:39 pm
Well, I do not work for ooma or any telephone comp. I do know that ooma service promise me that all call from my ooma number to any phone in the US is free, long distance or not, and as Bw1 has stated, ooma does not send any body any phone bill.

Calling international is another story. Ooma does have this prepaid international services. The rate for Canada, Western Europe, Australia is very good. I did tried these.

If you can call from your ooma number to the number--to which you want to forward to--then all is good. If your number at your cottage does not charge for incoming call then what you are worry about?

The local vs. long distance only apply for the party that calls your ooma number from a POTS line.
#27902 by bw1
Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:51 pm
I'm not an employee of Ooma. Most of us here helping out other Ooma customers are not either. There are a few and you can note them by the "Ooma moderator" tag below their id.

Is the Ooma hub number that you're referring to an Ooma supplied number, a number you've ported to Ooma or a landline number that you've integrated with your hub?

Do you have a landline at your home that you're using with the Ooma hub?

I don't know of any landline service provider that charges for incoming calls. I don't see how you could be charged for an incoming call to a landline that is long distance.

And if you're waiting for a phone bill from Ooma, you'll be waiting a long time.

And also, welcome to Ooma where unlike AT&T there are no phone bills. :)
#27907 by njj100
Tue Oct 20, 2009 5:20 pm
The residence where I have the Ooma hub, our main residence, has only Ooma VOIP....with a DSL line. And while I did get a bill for my AT&T CAllVAntage, every 3 months I mailed in the bills and got a check for the charges I paid for the CallVantage as an AT&T in essence it was free. Now I paid for my hub and the Premier service from Ooma....AT&T will not reimburse me for it so now I have a bill. If CallVantage was not discontinued I would still have it. Our cottage has a pots line and DSL service and most likely the people calling me that are forwarded have pots lines too...not all of them but some. I asked what I considered SIMPLE question of the Tech support and did not get a satisfactory answer. If the answer is that if you are not charged for incoming calls at the forwarded number, there is no charge for the call forwarding.......then I would have been a happy person. But that is not the answer I got. I used my Google voice to make outgoing calls back to our home area and others from the cottage....thus not incurring an LD charges on the bill there but I am not sure if there will be charges for the calls I had forwarded there.....I don't think so but I was not assured that was the case. Don't you or anyone else expect to get a good answer to a ? that you ask ?

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