Prepaid Account Balance

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Prepaid Account Balance

Post by anant_joshi » Fri Oct 16, 2009 6:08 pm

Looks like there is something wrong with computation of prepaid account balance.

I was making multiple calls to India to wish for Diwali festival.

The announcement at beginning of first two calls matched the current account balance.

Then suddenly at third call the number of minutes dropped from 330+ to 178. (Second call was 6 minutes)

The third call was for 2 minutes.

Beginning of 4th call the announcement changed to 176 minutes but the call suddenly ended after 8 minutes.

Then I tried 5th call when the announcement changed to balance of $3 from $33+.
The call was not picked up after 5 rings so I hung up.

The 6th call was to same number as 5th call. The announcement changed to 168 minute balance but call was terminated after 1 minute.

The balance in My Ooma still shows $33.07

I can't keep doing this.


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