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#27498 by RealDave
Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:51 am
Wilsonium wrote:I also checked out the prices for DECT 6.0 expansion handsets on and found pricing from $20 to $80.

murphy wrote:My Panasonic 4 line handsets cost $89.00 each.

Those are overpriced as well. While other "expansion" handsets are overpriced, at least when someone buys a DECT 6 phone system for @ $100 they will get 3,4, or 5 handsets with that system.

It can't be that phone manufacturers are selling their 3,4 or 5 DECT 6 systems at a loss and they are trying to make their only profit on additional handsets. They are making a profit selling 3,4, or 5 handset systems at $100.

My point was that there aren't any handsets with the telo and to get 4 handsets (to match up with every other 4 handset DECT 6 system that runs $100) it costs $450. I realize that the telo and telo handsets do more, but $450 to get a full 4 handset system is insane.

But it looks like I'm in the minority here.

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