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Re: Referrals

Post by bw1 » Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:55 pm

chuenl wrote:You don't think I would blindly choose the only 3 stores that don't carry the device, do you?

Of course, those 100 listed locations includes all the Costco stores in the U.S. Oh yeah, it just happened that the 3 Costco stores that are few miles from my home don't carry the ooma device. I called them every few months for the item # and they looked up in the computer and told me they don't carry it. This is your brilliant marketing at work here!
When you called and asked if they had the item #, did you give them the item # from the website: Item # 439361?

If so, the item that's sold on the site is not the same as the item that is sold in the stores.

The Ooma sold in the Costco stores doesn't include the scout or the 6 months of premier/$50 int'l calling credit. It only includes the hub and 2 months premier trial. There is also a $11.75 / year (after the first year) tax applied to the hub only Ooma.

I would suggest that you physically visit the store to see the display of Ooma boxes.

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