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#18830 by jm9496
Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:47 pm
I was digging through the lounge HTML and JavaScript, to find a way to write some greasemonkey script to do this, but then it occurred to me to just ask:

Feature Request:
an RSS feed for voicemail messages; this could then be used by, for example, a user in a desktop RSS reader widget for checking voicemail without signing into the lounge. This feed should contain the time of the voicemail, length, phone number, CNAM name, and a link to the MP3 file of the voicemail.

Besides for a slimming down of the slow loading lounge code (some of which is actually nice AJAX), I am requesting an option for the lounge cookies to stay signed in for forever, rather than the ten minutes or whatever it currently is.
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