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#16968 by oomg
Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:42 am
I took a few minutes to look at the Costco customer reviews of the ooma product. I was not surprised to find that most reviews were 100% positive (5 stars), but somewhat surprised to find that of those that were not very positive, were very negative (1 star). In looking at those reviews, I noted that most involve installation issues, most of which would have likely been resolved if the user had been directed to this forum. Others were somewhat critical of ooma's compatability with alarm system, the inability to complete fax transactions, or a perceived inability to connect with toll-free numbers.

I think ooma might benefit by including a forum based support section. Of course, there are some issues that cannot be addressed by forum members, but to the extent an installation issues cannot be resolved by the CSR, existing forum members could offer suggestions whether directly or through the CSR. Any thoughts on this one?
#17069 by oomg
Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:34 pm
scottlindner wrote:All of those solutions are solvable, and all of them are documented in the manual.

Can you review the reviewers?


Unfortunately not. The sad part is that most probably expected a quality system... just like most of us now have. But for whatever reason, they apparently can't understand how to install, or just are not willing to engage in some problem solving.
#17070 by murphy
Mon Aug 24, 2009 2:59 am
They may have been purchased by someone who doesn't own a computer or who doesn't have broadband service. Dial-up internet still exists.
#17111 by Wilsonium
Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:10 am
I agree... these and many other issues can be avoided by reading the manual. Sometimes things are not just plug and play. People are too excited to get it out of the box and plug it in assuming it's set up correctly because they can make a phone call.

The only issue that I had not solvable by reading the manual was the included scout had the wrong label on the bottom which was quickly solved by a tech support call.
#17118 by oomg
Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:00 am
murphy wrote:They may have been purchased by someone who doesn't own a computer or who doesn't have broadband service. Dial-up internet still exists.

That does not appear to be the case. Among the scores of excellent ratings are the following negative responses that have been posted in the last couple months:

"poor customer service

'Robotic, scripted, brainless customer service. Very frustrating!
Ads, internet, box, published info doesn't tell you:
1. Scout must be physically connected to Hub to work (through house phone lines or direct).
2. Can't get my Brother fax to send, only receive, they're answer is "we don't guarantee a fax will work."
3. Porting of two numbers will take 4-6 weeks. They can only do one number at a time.'"

"Does not support 800 #s

'I just got the Costco online Oomaa with Scout. While acitiviting, I found out that it does not support calling 800 numbers. I work from home and need to use 800 number for conf. calls and calling international. I wonder how people manage this issue with Ooma account.'"

"Great when it works

Pros: great sound quality when it works
Cons: "are you there?" stinks

'This was an incredible product for about three months. Great sound quality in both directions, features from fantastic to pretty darn good. Then I started hearing "wait, wait, are you still there" from people on the other end, randomly. I tried everything to fix it. The Ooma tech supoort people were reasonably responsive and very friendly, but when their canned recipe didn't work, I was stuck. I suspect the problem is my cable service, but it doesn't matter; what I learned is, a phone that works 90% of the time is a disaster. I'm spending twice the money to have a second regular old landline installed'"

'I am returning it.
Instructions for installations very BAD.
Currently using Comcast VoIP and the instructions not Clear how to install it.
POOR Customer Service.'"

"Not ADT compatible.

Cons: not compatible with an adt security system

'I purchased the Ooma VoIP system only to find out that it is not compatible with the ADT security system phone line connection. Beware of this VoIP compatibility issue with any alarm system company you have before purchase. I returned Ooma for a full refund.'"

"ooma voIP Phone system LACKS!

Model Number: ooma Premium Voip Phone System 'Service is non existent. Had this device for two weeks and for the last two days there has been no phone service. Help is not on the way from this vendor. But help did come in from COSTCO who contacted ooma support and got them to call us. We had been on the phone for two days and hours of time spent talking to someone who did not have an answer for us. We finally learned the System is down for 2 more days because of a system upgrade that crashed the phones. We only learned this information because COSTCO stepped in and helped out. No service, no phone.'"

"lost phone service for three weeks

Pros: easy to retun to costco
Cons: expensive if you use more than two phones.

'Terrible service staff that doesn't tell you everything. I kept my phone number (ported it over following instructions from several two hour phone calls) When I cancelled the service because A scout is needed for each and every phone you want to use. I then lost phone and internet service for three weeks. My number was returned from Ooma after several dates that were promised went by. I would not recomend this one bit. I did return my untit to Costco for a full refund. Thanks Costco'"

It seems to me that most of the foregoing issues could have been resolved with some help from one or more members on this forum.
#17120 by niknak
Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:16 am
after reading through the responses it seems that most of them were from people who did not really understand the fundamentals of telco wiring and voip operation
#17124 by atici
Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:28 am
niknak wrote:after reading through the responses it seems that most of them were from people who did not really understand the fundamentals of telco wiring and voip operation

Even though this may be true, I think we need to concede that the customer service support has been poor. Those who seek answers in the forums find solution but obviously people are not that knowledgeable. I know almost noone else who reads/posts on product forums. Also the forums work well because of people who genuinely want to help others for free.

So why can't the product manual or customer service be good? Most of us would agree the top 10 problems with ooma. However people still can't find the answers to those issues.

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