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#16663 by Lloyd L
Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:23 pm
call log ....missed calls are showing as incoming calls.

anyone else having this problem?
#16701 by murphy
Fri Aug 21, 2009 3:29 am
Do you have an answering machine answering the calls instead of them going to ooma voice mail?
#16995 by Lloyd L
Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:43 am
My old answering machine is disabled, turned off. I have the Ooma answering set up.
just getting used to Ooma here,
further review.
looks like it actually show as a missed call only if someone hangs up before the Ooma answering device activates.

If someone calls in, rings a few times and hangs up before the answering device kicks in it shows as a missed call.

If they call and get the Ooma answering device, then hang up without leaving message, it shows as a completed call.

Thats probably the way it is supposed to work.

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