2 for 2 with unfortunate customer service

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2 for 2 with unfortunate customer service

Post by tobey717 » Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:56 am

I never wanted to be one of those persons who goes on message boards to compalin yet here I am. Is it really my fault? or is it the lack of customer support I receive?

Anyway, Just called Ooma support because I just barely got my phone lines working. I had some lines in my house that were AT&T and some that were Comcast Ooma Scout of course didn't like that so much. So just two days ago I finally got scout up and running the only problem is my premier trial expired four days ago.

I called and asked politely if I could get a week free at the very least so I can fully utilize the features before I pay a year of service. After waiting on hold she came back and said I'm sorry I talked with my supervisor and she said that we can not do that for you.

She wasn't rude about it but her answer made no sense to me. She said we can only offer you 2 months free or 6 months if you bought it at costco. I said well, you have per-month customers don't you so couldn't you just credit me a month if your system can't do a week? "no i'm sorry"

So instead of giving me a week,a month a few days whatever to try these features (now that it's fully setup) and then pay them a yearly fee they would rather not give me a free anything and loose the income of a paying customer?

Doesn't make sense to me. Yes, they give you two months which I'm sure in normal circumstances that is plenty of time to try out features. Not when you have technical problems with your phone lines.

I feel silly even typing this after I just gave Ooma praise of how much money I was saving. Love/Hate relationship?

Good luck Ooma you are going to need it!

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Re: 2 for 2 with unfortunate customer service

Post by inspectorgene » Fri Aug 14, 2009 11:03 am

Not exactly what I would have expected, but at least they tell you NO and mean it.

With AT$T, all I ever get is promises, and then I have to wait a MONTH until my next phone bill to see that I was lied to again...

Rant off.

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Re: 2 for 2 with unfortunate customer service

Post by WayneDsr » Fri Aug 14, 2009 11:18 am

Just as an FYI:
I couldn't run my Scout via the phone lines because of the complications of DSL and my existing landline.
I put my Scout next to my ooma hub and connected them directly to use the Premier options. I liked that solution so much I kept it that way.
So realistically, you could have utilized the Scout at any time, so I can understand ooma's point of view.
Would it have been nice on their part? I guess it would. So I understand your issue as well.....


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