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#16305 by thbjr
Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:51 pm
I'm glad to see all the responces. I just had Qwest DSL connected on Friday, so I currently have both, DSL and Cox cable broadband. At least in my case, DSL is looking the winner. On the cable, I have a hissing static that drops parts or complete words. This happens in increasing and decreasing frequency during any long distance call, but I never experianced it on local calls. Go figure. With the DSL, I have about 4 hours of LD calls so far and the sound quality is vastly improved. Not a pinch of static so far. So at least in my neighborhood, in Phoenix, Qwest wins, hands down.
As far as running the QoS test, jitter is only 1/2 as much on DSL (0-1.5) then on cable (3-5) and over all QoS, while still ranging from 50% to 99% on DSL is better that the 6% to 99% I got on cable.

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