Beta Features: Multi-Ring and Call Logs

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Beta Features: Multi-Ring and Call Logs

Post by Bobby B » Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:48 pm

You've told us what features you wanted and we heard you loud and clear. We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of two new beta features for your ooma system. If you have feedback on these two features, feel free to post them in the beta forum. Thanks!

Simultaneously ring or forward your ooma number to your mobile phone, or any number you choose.

Description: When you enable Multi-Ring, you will be asked for a phone number. Most folks will want to input their mobile phone number, but any number will work. Whenever someone calls your ooma phone number, the ooma system will ring both your home phones and your Multi-Ring number at the same time. You can answer directly on your home phone, or if you answer on the Multi-Ring number, press 1 to confirm.

If you just want to forward your calls, you can uncheck the box for ringing your home phone. This will result in the call just ringing on your Multi-Ring number.

Beta Caveats:
- Multi-Ring is not supported on calls received on landlines, only numbers ported or picked from ooma.
- Multi-Ring to your home phones requires that your ooma Hub be online.
- We do not allow "direct answer" on the Multi-Ring number. You must press 1 to confirm the acceptance of the call.
- You cannot configure an international multi-ring phone number.

Call Logs
Check your calling history online; filter and sort to find the call you are looking for.

Description: The call logs page shows incoming, outgoing and missed calls. You may filter by call type or called number by selecting or de-selecting the controls on the left and clicking "update". You may also sort by any column by clicking on the column heading. Call logs are kept for 60 days.

Beta Caveats:
- Call logs do not show international calls
- Calls are only logged when your ooma Hub is online
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