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#15660 by scottlindner
Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:11 pm
oomg wrote:Geez! I thought I ended on a positive note: "So, thank you for the suggestion. If ooma decides that it works for them, I certainly have no objection."

As far as expressing a "biased" opinion, I admit that when it comes to quality, I am biased based on my high degree of satisfaction with the product, after having tried others. As for the quantative comparison, I am completely neutral... the facts speak for themselves.

It is clear where the bias is. Most in this thread have been very objective. Even in the face of absolute facts and objective comparisons, the OP responded irrationally.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

#15701 by southsound
Wed Aug 12, 2009 4:47 pm
Vtec525 wrote:OVER AND OUT!!! I found a new forum to discuss! Thank's for all your UNBIASED OPEN MINDED DISCUSSIONS!!

Well, I think I found both of them that Vtec525 was talking about:
and ... le/vtec525

Membership on either forum might explain the attitudes we have been experiencing! :razz:
#15959 by JadeKyle
Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:14 pm
OK, yes you might compare Ooma to magicjack...I haven't. Can magicjack forward a call, while it is coming in, and ring it on my cell simultaneously? Does it e-mail/text 3 seperate accounts/phones with a voicemail attachment? Does the scout I have that enables my children to be on one line while I am on the other come with MagicJack? The fluidity of operations and ease of use to me is uncompairable. I was paying $40 a month base on a regional landline phone, and paid $400 up front for my hub + scout 2 years ago. I got Ooma premier included for life and this is not an option anymore, but my $400 paid itself off in 10 months. I have been phone bill free for over a year now. Like anything else, if cost analysis shows you will save over your current costs...go with it. An Telo coming out soon will reduce costs with no scouts, you have more control by buying the number of handsets you need, one is not forced on you in the box.

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