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Post by hackerguy » Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:43 am

The new Telos system sounds interesting. I just bought the Ooma system and one additional scout. I also bought the Premiere service for a year. I am very happy with everything so far. I understand that the present Ooma Hub and Scouts will still be supported after Telos is introduced. I assume that Telos is meant to be an upgrade and will eventually replace the present Hub/Scout. It would be nice if Ooma would offer some discount route for people like me to upgrade to Telos once it is released.

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Re: Telos

Post by southsound » Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:17 pm

I agree that the upcoming Telo is going to be a great device and intend to have one as soon as possible. And I have been extremely happy with my hub and scout. You might want to consider doing what I intend to do.
:idea: When I have the Telo set up and running I intend to gift my hub and scout to a relative. In the meantime I am saving lots of money - in fact, just since February I've saved about $150 - $25/month on a unit that cost me $220 at Costco. So I buy the new Telo and continue to save each month with the latest and greatest and get to bless a relative with a unit that is still just as functional as when I bought it and will save them at least $25/month. There may be a small fee to transfer ownership to the new user but heck, I spend more than that on gifts anyways so it is really a win/win.

Glad to have you on board as an ooma family member and that you like all of us are anxiously waiting for the Telo as we save $$$'s and get that great ooma service! :grin:
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