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#11789 by ggilman
Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:20 am
When requesting a phone port, it would be convenient to have a place to add additional comments or instructions on how the port should be handled. I assume a single-number port is simple enough but if someone has multiple lines already set up, there is no way to define which slot the phone number is to be ported in to, nor what to do with the existing phone number that is in that slot (throw it away vs. moving it to another slot).

In my case, the default on my first port, which I was told is porting the new number into first slot & moving the first slot number to the 2nd, was not what I wanted. This was easy enough to fix but would have been easy to describe up front and less prone to error.

It would also be convenient to have some mechanism for 'chaining' multiple ports. By that, I mean, as soon as port 1 is complete, begin port 2. This would just simplify the process for the user a bit. They could submit all of the paperwork up front and just wait for things to happen rather than having to resubmit after the first is completed.

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