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#12002 by bw1
Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:59 pm
Mosaicquilt wrote:
Bobby B wrote:Call forwarding is available right now - just uncheck the ring my home phones option in the Multi-Ring options. You'll need Premier service to configure the feature.

When I unchecked the multi-ring button it grays out....
There is'nt any " ring my home phones option".......
And the "forward all call" mode is not just rings and rings.

Is this because it is still in Beta?
I do have Premier.


They changed the interface recently. There is no "ring my home phones" option anymore. If you want to ring your home phones, you select "Multi-Ring" from the Forwarding Mode dropdown. If you don't want to ring your home phones and want all calls to be forwarded, you select "Call forward all". Note that you still have to press 1 to accept any calls that have been forwarded/multi-ring'd.
#16219 by JCtheWizard
Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:25 am
scottlindner wrote:
Bobby B wrote:Sorry about the delay -- but we want to make sure it's solid before releasing it out.

I just came back from a business trip and I want to say that the multi-ring function is a disaster in bluetooth and nearly impossible dealing with a touch screen phone (iphone and storm).

Reading through this thread I have conserns the developers do not have a handel on what the issue is.

This is a saftey issue AND a requirement in many states where it is against the law to answer a phone with your hands . . . (coming to a state near you soon).

Everytime I attempted to answer an incoming call from Multi-ring I missed it (even extended the number of rings) and had to call back into ooma voice mail - what a waste of time . . .

Let's get this one done!
#17256 by Bobby B
Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:38 pm
The Call Forwarding on Internet Outage feature is now available on the "Preferences->Calling" page. Please give it a try and post in the forum to let us know what you think. There's some additional info in the release notes:

#36495 by disappointed-in-ooma
Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:40 am
Bobby B wrote:A "1" won't be required to answer calls received by "call forward on network outage" but will still be required for "multi-ring" and "call forwarding" calls.

I'm hoping we can make the dialing "1" a configurable option in the next development cycle (to end in July), since it can definitely be annoying to pick up the phone on a bluetooth headset.

Hi Bobby B. In Feb '09 you mentioned that the dialing "1" will be an option in around July. Any progress?

4153867111 wrote:
I second your request that Ooma make "Press 1" an option!

If anyone out there agrees with me, please let me hear from you. Thanks!

A lot of people agree with you. In fact, it is one of the most talked about problems on the forum. Not sure what good it will do to have comments from 439 other users who say the same thing, but have at it. ooma is aware of the need and I believe that they will deal with it in time.

I'm a new Ooma customer, coming from Vonage, and will return to Vonage soon if I can't get a reply from Ooma on when/how they are planning to address this issue. I use bluetooth a lot, driving and not driving, and this is a deal breaker for me. On top of that, I just had a call with a Ooma cust service rep that was very sub-par. She was poorly trained. It should be mandatory to Ooma customer service reps to read these forums and be more familiar with the issues affecting the customers. Most of the times, they are going to face customers with problems that previous customers already complained, posted, discussed, etc.
#36502 by JCtheWizard
Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:05 pm
I am requesting a reply to the many comments about removing the 'Press 1' feature when answering a forwarded call (multi-ring, etc.)

Reviewing this topic I see that MANY users have asked for this - and Ooma has replied that they would look into it and see if it could be removed by (this past July).

As I have written - and many others concur - maintaining the need to 'press 1' causes a huge RISK - could be the reason for a DRIVING ACCIDENT - and potentially a DEATH and lawsuit when a wronged party discovers this issue has been discussed and a solution promissed for some time.

Please tell us -

When this will be complete.

If it is not going to - why not - and who can we complain to.

A prompt answer is expected.
#36504 by murphy
Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:11 pm
If you completely ignore your cell phone (turn it off) while you are driving, there is no risk.
#36509 by JCtheWizard
Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:07 pm
murphy wrote:If you completely ignore your cell phone (turn it off) while you are driving, there is no risk.

Duh . . . unbelievable!

I am glad yours is not an 'offical' response from a Ooma support person.
#36536 by scottlindner
Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:01 pm
JCtheWizard wrote:
murphy wrote:If you completely ignore your cell phone (turn it off) while you are driving, there is no risk.

Duh . . . unbelievable!

I am glad yours is not an 'offical' response from a Ooma support person.

You are aware that only you are responsible for your actions, and only you are responsible for driving legally. If Ooma cannot allow you to drive legally, then you are the one breaking laws, not Ooma. If a lawsuit comes down, your azz is the one in a the pinch because you knowingly ingored the warnings. take responsibility for yourself.


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