Feature Request- real Call Forwarding

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Re: Feature Request- real Call Forwarding

Post by doug » Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:07 am

sokha wrote:why we need to do what we do to do with MR like pressing "1"? it's actually cost Oooma money to forward calls to your cell phone or whatever your 2nd number is (landline or cell). the cost might be small but remember this....
If I am not mistaken, I think outgoing calls only incur a termination charge when the call is actually answered, and then I think the fee is a per minute rate. So whether or not you need to press "1", I don't think they would incur a termination charge just to multi-ring your cell phone.

And if you want to answer the call and press "1", they have the termination fee either way. So I fail to see how it would save them any costs. Perhaps I am wrong.

And I can see where some people may like the "1" prompt, if they want to be able to know if the cell was called directly or via MR. I'd suspect at least as many of us, if not more, don't care. We care more about who is calling, and base whether or not to answer on that instead of what number they dialed to reach you.

The only real advantage I can see to the "1" is avoiding having VM or an answering machine on the MR number trigger Ooma thinking the call was answered and thus never divert back to Ooma's VM. But that seems like a red herring too.

All you need to do is either disable VM on the cell phone, or at least set its VM answer count to a ring or two longer than the Ooma VM ring count. If the MR number (ie cell) is not answered in time, Ooma will divert to VM anyway.

MR to a cell phone is a near ideal solution. On my office landline, I would use call forward no answer to divert to my cell phone when not in my office. Then if I did not answer that, my cell VB would eventually kick in. But that means it would take 8 rings or so, unless prior to leaving the office I remembered to invoke regular call forwarding so the cell would ring immediately.

With MR, I get the best of both worlds. Cell phone rings concurrently, so even if I just step out of the office, call take a call immediately with no need to remember to enable / disable CF. And if I don't answer, Ooma handles the VM and instantly sends a SMS to my phone besides as a notification.

But pressing "1" is inconvenient especially when driving or using a headset. So I'd love the option to eliminate it, but I fail to see how it can affect Ooma termination costs, unless the MR number picks up even when you don't want it to (ie faster than your Ooma VM timeout).

Still, as much as I'd love to eliminate the "1", having MR is so far ahead of call forwarding no answer that I'll live with it.

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Re: Feature Request- real Call Forwarding

Post by lurker » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:06 pm

I too would like to see real call forwarding. The multi-ring is really nice but my problem is that I forward to my cell and if I miss a call I would rather my cell voicemail answer. it's easier to collect all my voicemails in one place and since some of my calls are direct to cell and some are forwarded from the ooma line it makes it hard. Also, my phone always has an envelope on it when there's a message to remind me.

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Re: Feature Request- real Call Forwarding

Post by lurker » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:13 pm

Two other notes.

My cell line has ring back tones which my customers really like.

Even magic jack has real call forwarding and they charge less than $20.00 a year. If only they could port...............

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Re: Feature Request- real Call Forwarding

Post by cooldaddy » Sat Jun 27, 2009 3:23 pm

maybe I am wrong but can anyone please explain to me what happens if electricity outage occurs at home as it stands now I have to enable multi ring to have my cell ring in event of electricity outage that means my cell will ring all the time I just want my cell to ring in event of electricity is out or ooma is experiencing outage. Now that is a true call forwarding.OOMA should make it standard IN EVENT OF HUB BEING OUT WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE US TO FORWARD ALL INCOMING CALL.

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Re: Feature Request- real Call Forwarding

Post by bw1 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 3:37 pm

http://forums.ooma.com/viewtopic.php?f= ... ward#p6486
Dennis P wrote:Call Forward on Internet Outage is coming in our next software release. We've heard plenty of feedback about this and are working to add the feature. However, ooma_try is correct, Call Forward on Internet Outage covers the case when YOUR Internet connection is down making your ooma Hub unreachable by our servers. It also handles the case where a localized Internet outage has partitioned connectivity between ooma and your device. It would NOT, however, help in the case where an Internet outage takes OUR service offline.

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