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#9939 by sharpworks
Tue May 19, 2009 9:46 am
The ooma Multi-ring feature in the Premier package does not really call forward. I can not even imaging how a real call forwarding feature failed to be provided at the outset. ooma has all these bells and whistles but is lacking a feature that land phones have had for 30 years.

The call forwarding feature should be in the basic package and should be simple and work just like land phone systems do today. If ooma wants to add fancy features like voice-to-text, multi-ring, etc that's fine, just don't refer to it as call forwarding....that would be deceptive.

Thanks and please consider this another formal request for real call forwarding.
#10129 by Bobby B
Fri May 22, 2009 8:26 am
Hi Sharpworks,

I'm a bit confused by this, we do have pure call forwarding available with Premier (just uncheck "Ring phones connected to my ooma system" under Multi-Ring settings) - Can you elaborate further?

Also, we're working on improving the interface to make the call forwarding options clearer. I'm hoping we should have this available within the next month.

#10153 by doug
Fri May 22, 2009 1:21 pm

Bobby B wrote:I'm a bit confused by this, we do have pure call forwarding available with Premier (just uncheck "Ring phones connected to my ooma system" under Multi-Ring settings) - Can you elaborate further?

But doesn't that still require pressing "1" to actually answer the call? While I would like to see the requirement for "1" lifted for all calls (or at least the option for it), dropping it for "pure call forwarding" would be a good first step.

Is the issue that you want the call to revert to voicemail when it is not answered? Can't you just give up when not answered within the alloted time, and direct to voicemail?
#10757 by sokha
Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:29 am
i see a lot of requests for this feature.
however, i don't see what's the fuzz is all about.

Multi-Ring is better than CALL FORWARD which i used to have with landline.
i don't need to activate and de-activate the CF feature.
with MR, you setup one time and leave it alone.

i setup MR for my cell phone.
when i'm mobile and somebody call the main line at the office, my cell phone rings.
from there, it's just normal phone operation.
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#10768 by WayneDsr
Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:19 am
Hi Sokha, welcome to the forum! I agree with you, ooma's call forwarding is nice to have when you leave the house, whether it's just to run outside or to travel.
The only problem with it is the need to press "1" to receive the call. I use bluetooth while driving (there will be a cell phone law soon here) and pressing "1" is not an option while driving.

#10785 by sokha
Thu Jun 04, 2009 8:19 am
hi Wayne,

oh yes, California and its cell phone law. :-)

i answer your question in 2 ways.
just want to be clear.
i'm not working for Ooma. :-)
just trying to help the community with my knowledge about engineering and VoIP.

why we need to do what we do to do with MR like pressing "1"?
it's actually cost Oooma money to forward calls to your cell phone or whatever your 2nd number is (landline or cell).
the cost might be small but remember this....
Post Office increased the postage rate of 1 cent can generate over $2 billion a year!!
now, i don't think Ooma have many customers as Post Office but the logic still applies.
operating cost is still a cost.
Ooma wants to be certain that you really want to receive the call from them.
besides, if you are driving and you heard the phone ring, how do you know if the caller calls you directly on the cell phone or it's coming from Ooma MR?
the answer is that you don't know.
but if you pickup the cell phone and you heard "PRESS 1 to take the call",
then, u know it's must be Ooma MR feature which somebody trying to contact you on the main line.

regarding California law....
is it illegal to operate radio or CD player while you're driving?
i think press 1 button doesn't require much work and thus you don't even need to take your eyes off the road.
same logic as operate a radio.
i personally don't like to talk while driving.
but, i understand what you're saying.

i have a clamshell cell phone.
i bought this little $10 thing from Walmart and hang it on my sunglasses box near the rearview mirror.
it even has a belt clip....i like to put my cell phone in the pocket anyway.
while in the car, the cell phone is in open mode.
if there's an incoming call, i can see the CID and pressing 1 requires only one step operation.
i setup my cell phone this way even before i use Ooma.

would i agree with the user's request?
my answer is indeterminant.
Ooma can do it easily.
the question is COST.
they might have to increase the Premiere service fee just for this feature.
then, everybody will be paying for it. :-)
some might appreciate the feature and use it a lot.
meanwhile, i don't really need it but i ended up paying the higher fee.
now, Ooma creates some unhappy users for higher cost.
and if the cost keeps going higher and higher, people will bail.

as you know, inflation is here to stay.
Ooma probably tried to cut every corners they can already. :-)
#10795 by WayneDsr
Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:19 am
I agree with you 100% with the fact that ooma needs to keep spending at a minumum. Adding extra features on top of what we already have can do that, even small ones will add up. If that's the case with the "dial 1" issue, I can live with that to keep costs down. I want ooma to make money and survive.

If it isn't a cost issue, then I don't need to distinguish between cell phone call and ooma call. Since I forwarded ooma to my cell phone, obvously I WANT to answer the call!

I cannot dial a "1" while I'm driving. Cell phone is on my belt and since I need glasses to read, with out the glasses I can't see the incoming call on the phone, even it is right in front of me. (age is terrible)

If I have to live with dialing "1" to keep costs down, fine. I'm ok with that.

#10798 by sokha
Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:34 am
hi Wayne,

if you have a clamshell cell phone, try what i did with mine.
i don't like to put the phone on my waist as it pinches my waist while i drive.

now, if you have a problem with eyesight and want to take the calls, setup your phone like mine in the car.
you will be a happy camper. :-)

$10 from Walmart will solve your problem. :-)
what's your cell phone brand and model?
may be i can give you better suggestion.
#10809 by sokha
Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:44 am
hi Wayne,

the device is a phone case by FoneGear.

i looked online at Walmart but cannot find it.
it shall be available at Walmart store in the cell phone section.

i'll send you a video clip later.
check back in this forum later this evening.

here's the video clip that demonstrates the Ooma MR feature with single step operation.

let me know if you have any questions.

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