New FCC regulations for LNP and VOIP

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New FCC regulations for LNP and VOIP

Post by bw1 » Mon May 18, 2009 5:46 pm ... ty+Reviews
require carriers to transfer consumers' telephone numbers utilizing number-portability provisions in one business day
The FCC said all providers -- with the exception of small carriers -- will be required to implement the new one-day number-porting interval within nine months, after certain requirements are addressed.
The providers henceforth must notify VoIP customers before their service will be discontinued, reduced, or impaired. "Interconnected VoIP providers can no longer close shop without notice, leaving customers unexpectedly without phone service or recourse
This is also interesting:
This is mostly a reply to Verizon's marketing tactics that the FCC deemed unlawful earlier this year. Instead of transferring the customers' services to another provider, Verizon had taken this four-day period to phone the customers and talk them into staying with them.
Hopefully this will improve porting into ooma for new customers.

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Re: New FCC regulations for LNP and VOIP

Post by Pandora » Tue May 19, 2009 7:40 am

bw1 wrote:Hopefully this will improve porting into ooma for new customers.
Porting to Ooma takes more than 4 days anyway. Knocking 3 days off won't be noticeable for someone who has been waiting 5-7 weeks.

I want my provider to call and verify that a port was requested prior to porting. AT&T did this for me. They didn't try to sell anything, but wanted to verify that it was being ported at my request.

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