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#111281 by pamela.parks
Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:54 pm
1) to be able to plug in both bluetooth and wireless W/O adding a usb hub to the mix. the concept of bluetooth and wireless is... well... wirelessness. hubs mean wires and at a minimum more clutter. The second phone connection disappeared, perhaps a second usb connection could replace it on future models. A fix for the current owners would be a wireless adapter with usb hub built into it so the small bluetooth dongle could piggyback on it?

2) to be able to mount the Telo on the wall, preferably wires down. Though the thread on this board with the photos of homemade mounts gave me a good laugh. Perhaps the humor generated is worth more than the small frustration of trying to keep gear off the floor and desktops? I am noodling with the idea of building my own rig and posting photos. A wall mount option for the HD2 handsets would also be something I would buy.

The box has only been open for a few hours and I am really pleased with how the device setup and the quality of the calls. My friends are going to get tired of me bragging about this device!

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