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#111197 by Darkbob
Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:20 pm
My suggestion is that we need a "general" forum just to chat and talk about VOIP and stuff like that.

Now that my suggestion is out of the way I want to say how happy I am to have switched to Ooma a while back. I have recently moved to Alberta. I ported my Saskatchewan cell number to Ooma and picked up an Alberta cell. I then call-forward my Saskatchewan number to my Alberta cell. Perfect.

This recent flood was (and is) incredibly bad. Our city was flooded and the phone system was overwhelmed. All people got when calling land lines was "all circuits are busy". Same for most providers I hear.

But not Ooma. I had a bit of trouble getting calls out but my inbound calls came through just fine. I guess Koodo gets some of the Kudo's for that too.

Anyway I'm now out at the cottage all safe and dry. First thing I did was make a call to the red cross with my Visa card in hand. If any of you have a few spare bucks and want to help there are a pile of homeless people in Alberta right now who could really use your help.

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