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#110481 by Darkbob
Sat Jun 01, 2013 7:45 am
So I think this is a first for me. I'm writing about a serious unresolved bug in the Ooma system but I'm still happy.

I wanted my Ooma to forward my calls to my cell phone. Nothing too fancy, right? And if I don't answer my cell? I want my cell phone to go to voice mail (on my cell). But the darn Ooma kept picking up the calls on the 3rd ring so no voice mail on my cell. I set the Ooma to pick up after 59 seconds - no luck. Still picking up on the 3rd ring. Grrr.

So I tried an on-line chat. No luck. They suggested I call tech support - so Tier 1 tech support was more or less what I expected "Hello. My name is Bob and I most certainly am from your country. I am so happy to be of servicing to your needs this afternoon! How about our local team? Did they not deliver a sound thrashing to the visiting cricket team at our local sports venue recently? Is your Ooma device turned on? Have you rebooted it of recently? And how about the blue lights? Are they of a blinking status?"

But naturally he couldn't fix the problem and that's about all you can expect from a cheap Telco service these days, right? Call-center in Delhi, nobody cares, nobody can fix a thing and that's where it ends.

But not with Ooma.

I got bumped up to Tier 2. Bit of an accent but the guy seemed to have some kind of technical background. They called my Ooma, tested my voice mail on my cell, rebooted the OOma, fiddled with the settings and seemed genuinely concerned that there was a bug in the system. On to Tier 3!

This guy was from California. Clearly a tech. He checked, double checked, tested and said it was an Ooma bug of some sort. He couldn't resolve it but after listening to my problem he said "well sounds like you don't want Ooma voice mail at all?" True. So he just turned it off. He apologized that it was a "kludge" and promised to get it looked at further but said it would be a workable temporary solution until they resolved the issue.

Cool. Issue fixed. My calls now go to my cell and my cell gets the voice mail. All in under an hour.

And then I entered the twilight zone. Because a day later I got a call from a manager asking me if I was satisfied with the service. Seriously. For $10/month? I get a call-back? On a resolved issue? Too weird. Now THAT'S customer service.

Thanks Ooma.

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