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#109785 by ernyh
Sun May 12, 2013 6:27 am
My wife could call the Philippines on a cheap Vonage 300 min. plan for 9 cents a minute whether mobile or land. Ooma charges twice that. I should have looked at the plans more closely as your international plans do not even help. I wish I had stuck with Vonage. Also Vonage calculated the cost of the call and just billed you for the calls without having an automated voice come on and tell you your time is about up, even though I added automatic funds when money droped below a certain point. This needs to be fixed. How can Vonage get away with a cheaper price for the Philippines?
#109789 by lbmofo
Sun May 12, 2013 9:47 am
If the country/destination says N/A in the 1000 or 500 min plan column, the Ooma international plans would not include the minutes so your prepaid account would be charged. So if you don't call other destinations included in the plan, it would not make sense for you to be enrolled in the international plan.

Quick scan of the Vonage site, the 9 cents to Philippines is available to these plans:

Vonage World $25.99/mo.
Vonage World Mexico $39.99/mo.
Vonage Unlimited to Globe Philippines $29.99/mo.
U.S. & Canada 750 $19.99/mo.
U.S. & Canada 300 $11.99/mo.

The rest of the plans have about the same rates as Ooma to Philippines:

U.S. & Canada Unlimited $24.99/mo.
Small Business Premium Unlimited $49.99/mo.
Small Business Basic 1500 $39.99/mo.

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