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#108564 by anthonylm
Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:44 am
I have been a very satisfied user of Ooma Premier in the past 2+ years and plan to keep Ooma in the future. I started Ooma Premier with the one year subscription because there was a promotion to get the Ooma handset for free. The annual subscription renews automatically at the anniversary date.

Today, I wanted to cancel my Premier subscription, because I used Premier mostly for a 2nd line and I will not need it anymore. I discovered two things: (a) If you cancel your annual Premier subscription, you do not get refunded for the months that you did not use and (b) The cancellation is effective the day you make the request (I therefore penciled in my agenda that I need to call Ooma in August).

As the price for the annual subscription (119.99) is actually slightly higher than the price of the monthly subscription (12 * 9.99 = 119.88), I would advise Premier subscribers to switch to a monthly plan as they will incur less costs if they cancel their subscription for any reason. When I chatted with an agent, the first proposal was to switch me to monthly billing.

I do not really understand Ooma's logic on this topic (annual subscription is much better for Ooma, but worse for the customer on all aspects) but at least others can learn from my mistake.
#108566 by MapleOne
Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:02 am
I took the annual billing to get the free porting but I'm not pleased about the piddly monthly charge. I would have preferred to put that on my annual subscription.

I understand Ooma cannot do an annual on the monthly taxes because they could change at any time and are different for different areas.

That is why I plan to go to a monthly subscription so I get billed together with my base amount. No use running two different subscriptions when I can combine them.


I did not know it renewed by itself, I will pencil it on my calender and go monthly as soon as my year is up.

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