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#108455 by drhiii
Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:41 pm
I know this has an extremely low chance of being considered, but here goes. I would like to see this and I know others would too.

Timed white/blacklists. Meaning, being able to program times when a phone number is permitted to call, and when it is blocked from calling. I know, turn the phone off... but as a for instance, we have an aged parent (who also has OOMA) who must be able to get to us no matter time of day, night, whatever. We have several bases covered to ensure this happens... meaning we are not limiting ourselves to one service.

So, we cannot turn the phone off. But, we do need to be able to block a swatch of numbers during times of day or night, then turn them on and permit calls coming in. One cannot block then unblock them each day. A timed white/blacklist... what say you OOMA?

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