Basic Answering Machine, NO Premier, No BASIC Answering ?

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Re: Basic Answering Machine, NO Premier, No BASIC Answering ?

Post by bw1 » Mon May 11, 2009 5:56 am

doug wrote:
blueheelercd wrote:Come on guys, a basic answering machine???????
I'm still a Ooma noobie, but I think the crux of the issue comes down to the difference between voicemail and an answering machine. What Ooma really seems to provide in the core service (non-premiere) is free voicemail, but with the added dedicated buttons / lights of an answering machine for ease of use when by the hub or a scout.

Excellent post.
blueheelercd wrote: The instruction guide that tells you how to use ooma's should tell you what will and will not work if you don't pay the extra, money.
I think the documentation was originally written based on the premier features included in the basic price, which was originally going to be $600. But it does mention "Advanced Features" under the "Broadband Answering Machine" section in the ooma User Guide. Those advanced features come with the Premier subscription which is clearly spelled out in numerous places on the website.

What is included for the $200 - $250 base price is pretty good in my eyes and the $100 yearly subscription is pretty reasonable too.
ooma needs to make enough money to stay in business otherwise your $200 device becomes a worthless hunk of plastic.

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