Customer Service Experiance

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Customer Service Experiance

Post by cpeterson » Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:57 am

I was exicited to get rid of my phone company when I had done alot of research on Ooma phone service. I recieved my Ooma in the mail and like a small kid I tore open the packaging, looked at my new device to add to my network.

I had ran to my wiring closet and hooked it all up. Watched it run it's checks and balances to make sure everything was working just fine. Went to the internet to put in the activation code.... Didn't go through, said to contact customer service. Retyped it in once again and failed. Made sure I typed in the correct numbers and letters. Made sure I didn't mistake the 0 for an O. Unable to activate need to contact customer service... No problem...

I had called customer service and met by a CSR that was rude at first bat. Told them I'm trying to activate my Ooma, was immediately told you can activate it on the internet and was told the website and call was disconnected...

Called them up once again. Went through the whole thing once again. Told them I'm trying activate my Ooma that I purchased. Was told once again I can activate it on the internet. Told them my activation code on my Ooma wasn't working on the webpage and was told to contact customer service.

Gave them the Activation Code, was told my Ooma was activated for 2 years, had told them I had just purchased this and never have been a customer of Ooma before. Was told there is a $80 reactivation fee, yes "REACTIVATION FEE" on the Ooma to get it working.

I felt light I was being highway robbed for something I puchased and now having to pay a reactivation fee for something that I purchased and never had service with before. It really much made me want to send it back and rehire my phone company once again....

In the background while speaking to this tech all I had heard was alot of yelling and banging in the background. Thinking what the san hell is going on and what kind of outfit is this. That was the most distrubing part of hearing alot of yelling n background and banging of stuff.

I was given an activation code and was transferred not once but 3 times between to other people. Was asked once again you will have to pay the reactivation fee and the fees.

After the drawn out process, I was able to get my deivce activated and setup. Although, I thought I would have an easy going transition of getting my newly loved device that I have done alot of studing and research on. I was very much disappointed of being hanged out to dry on an reactivation fee that I shouldn't have had to pay and customer service that was horrible and first impressions of the company was not the best.

I'm at loss of if I would recommend this company now after the customer service I personally have recieved. I have several people at work who were excited to know what kind of service Ooma had so they can dump their phone provider. After my experience, I have nothing much good to say and has left a bad taste in my mouth....

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Re: Customer Service Experiance

Post by murphy » Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:19 am

Where did you buy the unit?
It sounds like it came from eBay or Craigs list.
A new unit does not require an activation fee.
You are supposed to do the activation before the unit is hooked up to the internet.
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Re: Customer Service Experiance

Post by cpeterson » Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:27 am

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Re: Customer Service Experiance

Post by 2spirit » Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:20 am


Sorry . . . perhaps you are confused . . . but you posted in another thread earlier today that you purchased your Telo off of eBay. Previously used Telos would require re-activation and therefore the fee you were charged would be legitimate. This should have been made clear by your eBay seller before you purchased your unit. An unhappy situation, but the Telo is a terrific system and you will recover your money in short order over what you must have been paying to your previous phone company.
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Re: Customer Service Experiance

Post by lbmofo » Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:26 am

cpeterson wrote:I'm new to Ooma just yesterday. i had bought it off ebay for $120. The previous owner did not remove service from the device. Instead of having free activation, I had to pay out an additional $80 to have them reactivate the device. I had found this to be very much irritating in having to do this.

Why should I have had to pay an additonal amount to have a reactivation fee for something that wasn't in my name? Once it was paid, I had spent more time in having to call back and getting a lady that was telling me that I can activate my device on line.

I'm really not happy with the customer service I had recieved and the extra money I had to fork out to have it activated.

As of now, customer service was poor. I wasn't happy in hearing alot of noise in the background along with yelling. I started to think in the back of my mind what professional company is this?
cpeterson, the $79.99 reactivation fee is legit.
If anything, you should be mad at your eBay seller for not telling you about the need to reactivate and the associated fee.
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