Phone Disconnected During Porting

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Phone Disconnected During Porting

Post by rewing » Thu May 07, 2009 10:48 am

Although the timing has been as advertised, the porting of our old phone number has been a real problem. Called the old phone number today (which was being forwarded to the new Ooma number until the porting was completed) and received a message that the line was no longer in service or had been disconnected. Called the carrier (Time Warner) and was advised that the number was being ported, that they had released the number but that Ooma had not accepted it. Told me to call Ooma. I did and was told that it could be the entire day before my number was accepted or provisioned and during that time anyone calling the old phone number would get a message that the number was no longer in service or had been disconnected. I didn't receive any notice that the porting was going to take place today nor was I ever advised that everyone calling the number during the day would think that my phone was disconnected. If this were a business line, it would be really bad news. How in heavens name can this happen?

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Re: Phone Disconnected During Porting

Post by bw1 » Thu May 07, 2009 10:59 am

The same happened to me. I think it was only a few hours and my number was back in service with ooma by 6:30 PM ET.

I guess we should expect it to not be instantaneous as there needs to be things done by two (or more?) separate companies who are basically competitors.

If your old phone company released the number perhaps ooma can move up provisioning if you escalate.

Otherwise, don't worry, be happy, you'll soon be free! :)

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