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#107314 by MapleOne
Tue Feb 26, 2013 6:56 pm
So I have 4 new HD2 handsets and I like them a lot, with one glaring exception.

I bought the handsets because it said I needed them for the second line feature to work. The problem is that it is a royal pain to use line 1 or 2. Press the line button, ask to join, pick your line. Holy crap, thats way too many steps and everyone in my household is confused.

There are two buttons which can control screen functions,.... for the love of God, just change them to line 1 and 2

I want to pick up the phone, see line 1 is in use and simply press line two. If I want to join line 1 then I pick line 1.

How can you make it so difficult to use this feature, everyone that has an HD2 will have a second line because the service comes with two lines. That is the big selling feature, now please let us easily select our line.

Point two, where the heck is hold, there is only mute. My wife picks up line one, it's for me and all she can do is mute it. I join line one (after many crazy keystrokes) and the upstairs line remains on mute. It should be on hold, there is no need for a mute button, it should be a hold button.

These simple things are on any phone with two lines, I was hoping to get the business system and add the HD2 sets as well but how could that ever be with no line1, line2, and a hold button?????????????
#107317 by Tom
Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:04 pm
It's difficult to please everyone when doing UI design but we'll consider your feedback as we look ahead at what's next for HD2. There's two ways to put a call on hold:

1. press Options (key above red key) and select 'Put call on hold'
2. press Talk (green key) and then Hangup (red key)

Then when the hold reminder ring starts after 10 sec, any HD2 not interested in the call can press Hangup (or the Ignore key above it) to silence the ringer.
#107325 by MapleOne
Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:11 am
Thank you for your response, I appreciate your answers and still love the phones.

But you see, even the hold feature is too many button pushes. The most often used features are Line 1 and 2 and hold.

Those should be the main accessible items on the screen. I will be bottom dollar that a lot of people are accidentally hanging up. I am considering turning off the second line because of the confusion when line 1 is in use and line 2 rings.
#123222 by oomamaniacal
Sat Sep 27, 2014 11:01 pm
Hi Tom B,

I uses Linx(es), not HD2s, and I flash and then hang up to put a call on hold.

Is there any way, on your end, that you could increase the time period before the hold reminder ring starts, just on my account? Ten seconds is way too short. I use the answering recorder on my Panasonic phone system with a Linx hooked up to the second line jack and the Telo connected to the Line one jack. I also have another (corded) phone hooked up to a separate Linx. Therefore, the reminder ring, rings all the phones on both lines. (Yes,"Line 1, Line2, What a pain!!") It's chaotic and results in the answering machine picking up before I do. Bottom line, I need more time on hold to be able to move to another phone, if necessary. I would say two minutes minimum.

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