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#106892 by donswin
Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:55 am
I have a call screening program that runs via an usb modem that is one of the most powerful I've found. The only problem is that the phone has to ring once to get the CID. That is why I switched to Ooma (besides the fact that AT&T charges an outrageous monthly fee for additional blocked numbers).

The features I would like to see are:

1. Block based on CID Name only (no number required). A common one is "Toll Free Caller". Anyone using that has to business contacting me - so far they have all been robo-calls. I have a 3 year log of calls & never received a legitimate "Toll Free Caller".

2. Block based on non-standard CID phone numbers (ie: 12digit #s, single digit "1", less than 10 digits, not in standard 3+3+4 format, etc.).

3. Allow wildcards to block an entire area code (previously requested by another customer): (ie:111-???-????).

4. Allow a "White List" of callers who would not be blocked even if they meet blocking criteria.

5. I just started Ooma this month but saw a request for a log of blocked calls. That would be very helpful so we could occasionally verify that wanted calls are not being blocked (see request #4). It would also allow customers to shorten our blocked list if we have listed numbers that are no longer in service or being used. I just entered nearly 200 numbers in my blocked list & I could see that growing significantly over the years.

Thanks for your consideration.
#107983 by ConnieIL
Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:37 am
Because of the spam robo calls that seem to change numbers at will, a blocking feature just based on the caller ID would be very welcomed.

Received a caller ID "R2J2 Company", and found after a search this is a current 2013 robo call with variable numbers - message is the same. Name blocking would be helpful, if only for a while :? .

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