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#110816 by MapleOne
Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:57 pm
oomg wrote:Sorry I disagree. It is a simple matter of opening "My Ooma" every now and then, and either marking all active messages as "heard," or alternatively, deleting them in groups of up to 100. Right now, I get messages sent to my iPhone email account. If I inadvertently delete an important message, it is still available on my Telo or Hub (or in "My Ooma"). I like it just as it is.

I agree, I have it set to email myself and my wife. We barely ever check the telo unit anymore but I know I had a couple situations where I deleted my email and needed to go back to the telo to get the number.

All said I think to please everyone an option with a link to delete the message probably works.

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